Dog Run

Based on what I know about Fort Greene PUPS, they at no point ever prevented a dog run from being built at the park.  They have focused their energies on lobbying to make off-leash hours legal, installing a new (and sanitary) dog fountain in the park (which has just been installed!  yay!), volunteering to beautify the park, supplying poop bags, being a source of information and networking between dog owners, etc. Point is, there's nothing preventing those who want a dog run to form a committee and trying to make it happen.  There's a new dog run over in Bed-Stuy (on Lafayette and Marcy, I believe), and there's no reason why we can't have one, too.  But, it won't magically appear.

If anyone starts a group up, I will post about it here.  Just let me know.  (My dog is kind of antisocial, so personally, we probably won't be interested in the dog run.)