Il Porto: YUM

Sorry for the delays, folks. Getting back from vacation is always overwhelming and I haven't had much posting time! pleasant surprise on washington

Last Thursday, before I departed for the Queen City, I hit up Il Porto for lunch on opening day. I was pleased to see that the "to-go" room was packed with local residents and workers waiting for a slice!

(Behind the counter. fresh pizzas being made)

I had my lunch on the other side, in the "sit-down" room.  The servers were friendly and helpful (I'm pretty sure several of them came to Il Porto from Il Torchio, along with the chef).  They started me off with this complimentary bred, fresh from the brick oven.

It was a touch choice, but I picked the Rugola and Prosciutto 12" pizza.


The prosciutto was extremely fresh, and the crush light.  It was so tasty that I ate 4 of the 6 pieces (though I could have easily gotten away with just 3).

I planned to head back home, full and happy, when Eda and Joe of Square Root Cafe popped their heads back to say hello and give me a piece of the Wallabout dessert pie -- Nutella, pine nuts, marshmallow.  AMAZING. dessert pizza sidewalk tables

The food was so tasty that I ordered delivery tonight for a small Fort Greene PUPS meeting at my place.  We did the Rugula and Prosciutto, Margherita and the Wallabout for dessert.  Rave reviews all around with only 1.5 pieces left over (and they take credit cards -- even for delivery!  Bravo!)

I'm glad they've been busy so far.  It'll be a great place to stop for food, especially before PEP openings and RePop First Fridays (like the next one on September 5, featuring my photography!).

Il Porto 37 Washington Ave. 718-624-0954