SCH Meeting, Sept 18

Note the new meeting location!  Come get involved and meet neighbors!

Society for Clinton Hill

General Meeting

Thursday, September 18, 2008, 7 – 9 pm

267 Waverly Avenue, Saint Angela Hall, Saint Joseph's College (DeKalb/Willoughby)

Please note, this is a new location. Our former meeting place, St. Luke's Evangelical Lutheran Church, is growing with new programs and members and needs the meeting space. We are grateful to them for lending us their meeting room over these past years and are very pleased that they are expanding in their service to others and need the space. Join us in our new meeting space.


7:00 Refreshments, Kif Restaurant, Dekalb Avenue

7:30 Welcome - Jim Barnes, President

7:35 House Tour 2009 – Linda Scher & Brett Truitt

7:50 Clinton Hill/Fort Greene Food Coop

7:40 Public Safety Task Force – Dave Haberer

8:00 Fort Greene Park Martyr's Monument  Centennial – Oct. 2008

Charles Jardin, President Fort Green Park Conservancy, President. Ruth Goldstein, Event Chairperson, Paul Palazzo, Cent. Committee member

A series of events will take place in Fort Green Park between November 14-16,  2008. The events and celebrations are sponsored by the Fort Greene Park Conservancy. (See below for more detail.)

8:30 Admiral's Row Update – Brent Porter

8:40 Society for Clinton Hill Children's Halloween WalkRoslyn Huebner

If you want to be one of the candy stops on the Walk, contact Roslyn.

8:45 Other announcements

9:00 Adjourn