This Thursday's Society for Clinton Hill meeting will be focused entirely around local blogging. I'll be there with Van (of Lunchtime with Tillie) on behalf of CHB.  Also slated to present are Jon Butler of Brownstoner and Andy Newman, recently departed from The Local.

Come on out to learn more about the folks behind these blogs, ask questions and get aquainted with the Society.

Hope to see you there!

General Meeting Thursday, January 21, 2010, 7 – 9 pm

St. Angela Hall, St. Joseph’s College, 267 Waverly Ave., (DeKalb/Willoughby)

AGENDA 7:00 pm Refreshments. Meet and greet your neighbors.

7:30 pm Welcome and announcements: Dave Haberer, President A special welcome to all those new to the neighborhood.

7:45 -8:45 pm The World of Blogging – how we all get our up-to-date news. Presenting a panel of our neighborhood’s most powerful and interesting websites and blogs…those sites that keep us all informed - an“informal” Q&A about what they do, what their challenges are today and how they find that balance between comments from the really angry to those that may be civil but boring. So, bring your questions and plan to be entertained Don’t we all love blogs? We do!

Moderators: Sunny Argan


Clinton Hill Blog – Robin Lester

Brownstoner - Jonathan Butler

Clinton Hill Blog – Cultural Events - Van

NYT Local Blog – Andy Newman

8:45 pm Open Mic – please sign up at the door to make your 1 minute announcement or comment.

9:00 pm Adjourn

SCH Meeting: Tonight

Society for Clinton Hill General Meeting

Thursday, September 17, 2009, 7-9:15 pm

Saint Angela Hall, St.Joseph’s College, 267 Waverly Avenue, (DeKalb/Willoughby)


7:00 pm                 Refreshments from KIF, the Middle Eastern restaurant located on DeKalb.

7:30                        Welcome & announcements: Dave Haberer, President, SCH

SCH is very busy. Find out what’s going on and how to get involved.

7:40                        Comments on film & theater: George Bartenieff, acclaimed actor & CH neighbor,                                  currently appearing in the film Julie and Julie, and also starring in The Bacchae,                                  currently at the    Delacorte Theater in Central Park.   Introduction by Brent Porter.

7:55                        A Conversation on Roses: Anne O’Neill, from the BBG, who has voluntarily                                   worked on the Pratt Rose Garden, and John Rattigan from Root Stock & Quade.

8:15                        New Business Introductions:

-Fulton Street Veterinarian

-Green in Brooklyn, Myrtle Ave., Elissa Olin,  “10 Ways to Go Green in Brooklyn”

8:25                        Development on Lefferts Place: John Katsos, update on proposed CNR building.

8:40                        Proposed Food Coop:  update from Lawrence Eichorn

8:45                        Myrtle Avenue Revitalization Project – 10th Anniversary Celebration:  Blaise                             Backer,  Exec. Dir. & Meredith Phillips Almeida, Dir., Community Development,  will tell you about the activities taking place on every Sunday in September on Myrtle Avenue and the coming new Myrtle Avenue Pedestrian Plaza.

9:00                        MillionTreesNYC: Ashley Willhite . trees for  Brooklyn.

9:10                        Open Mic – sign up at the door to make your one-minute announcement.

SCH will sponsor one block of the “Move About Myrtle,” on Sept. 20.  We will have a booth with  MillionTreesNYC and will be giving away free trees and also the NO FLYER signs.  Please stop by!

Halloween is coming up and promises to be bigger and better than ever.  There will be many homes offering trick or treats, decorations and entertainment.  Of course there will be the usual Spectacular at 313 Clinton Avenue.  T-Shirts and tote bags for Halloween will be available for sale at the meeting.  $15 and $20.

We have a gift for you…. free “NO FLYER” signs will be available at the meeting.  These really work and do reduce litter!  Be a good neighbor and take a sign for them as well.

CALL for VOLUNTEERS:  If you can help on Sunday at the MARP event, please sign-up at the meeting. We need help between 11 am and 5 pm.

NEXT MEETING:    Thursday, November 19, 2009, 7 pm, Saint Angela Hall

House Tour Recap

It was certainly not the best weather for the Society for Clinton Hill House Tour today, but I do applaud SCH's variety of houses on the tour.  Two years ago (the tour is biennial), I felt we saw too many institutional spaces and not enough personal homes.  This year, almost every stop was a private residence! Some of the highlights:

298 Washington Ave, a single-family brownstone with a gorgeous kitchen and a screening room in the basement!  The owners' daughters, who did much of the interior decorating, were on hand to answer questions. Also in this house, the world's coolest bathroom lined with mirrors!

amazing kitchen

coolest bathroom

433 Waverly Ave, decorated with "Bali" and "sustainability" themes. The decor was gorgeous! This year's House Tour program was also great, and included this cool bit on this house: According to feng shui, experts with whom [the owner] consulted, the spaces possessed an exceptional positive energy from all the equine inhabitants who had abided there in its previous incarnation as a stable.


447 Clinton Ave - the Haunted Church revealed! There's some really cool details inside, and the units will be available for rental this summer (if all goes according to plan). We took guesses on how much the apartments will go for. $3k/month, maybe? And that always confuses me - if you can pay that much to rent, why not buy? Anyone want to weigh in? giant apartment entry door

Biggest Disappointment: The deletion of 86 Cambridge Place from the tour. When we arrived, a handwritten sign declared: THIS HOUSE IS NOT ON THE TOUR. DO NOT RING DOORBELL. Too bad - I would have loved to see the inside.

86 cambridge, not on the tour

What were your favorites?

The rest of my photos here.

Clinton Hill House Tour and Kelso of Brooklyn Open House

housetour It's time for the biennial neighborhood house tour!  According to Society for Clinton Hill's website, it sounds like this year's tour will include a lot more residential stops.  Don't get me wrong - it's nice to see the interiors of institutional buildings, especially when they are normally off-limits.  But personally, I prefer to see neighbors' living spaces.  It's so intriguing to get a glimpse into someone's life.

Kelso of Brooklyn, the bewery on Waverly Avenue, will also be holding an open house and BBQ in conjunction with the house tour!  Owner Kelly Taylor and his crew are really nice, and the space is excellent.  Here's the info:

One afternoon of beer tasting, some BBQ, music, and a tour or two of the brewery. Beer tasting free. Food $10 suggested donation for all you can eat BBQ. All proceeds and leftover food to City Harvest. RSVP to info@kelsoofbrooklyn please, so we can be sure to have enough food.

Sunday, May 3, 2009 2:00pm - 9:00pm The Brewery 529 Waverly Ave (between Fulton and Atlantic) Brooklyn, NY

kelso of brooklyn brewery

SCH Meeting: 3/19

Society for Clinton HillGeneral Meeting

Thursday, March 19, 2009, 7:00 – 9:00 pm

Saint Joseph’s College, Saint Angela Hall, 267 Waverly Ave. (DeKalb/Willoughby)


7:00     Refreshments – featuring Red Bamboo Restaurant from DeKalb Avenue.

7:30     Welcome – Jim Barnes, President

House Tour – Linda Scher - call for volunteers

7:40     Councilperson Letitia James – How the new City budget will affect our    neighborhood, and how the current economy is affecting our neighborhood       retail tenants. Q&A.

8:00     Sisters of Mercy – status report on their Classon Ave. property

8:10     SCH Annual Excellence in Interior & Exterior Restoration Awards – Brent        Porter

8:25     Sister Elizabeth Hill, President Saint Joseph’s College      Presentation of the plans, models and renderings of the newly proposed Athletic   Center to be constructed in a portion of the garden in front of the Dillon School  for Children on Clinton Avenue between DeKalb and Willoughby.

Q&A to follow.

8:45     J.P. Morgan Chase – new on Myrtle Ave.  Meet manager, Michelle Lynch- Melbourne.

8:50     Community Announcements – Sign up to make your announcement, comment  or question. (1-minute max.)  We welcome your ideas and suggestions.

Next meeting:

Thursday, May 21, 2009.  Elections. Contact Linda Scher, Nominating  Committee Chair, if  you  want to be considered for the board.


Sunday, May 3, noon - 5 pm.  Advance tickets: $20. Day of sale: $25. Pick up maps on day of tour at St .Luke’s Lutheran Church, 259 Washington Avenue, between DeKalb & Willoughby.  To be a House Sitter, sign up at the meeting or contact Abby Healy at  House Sitters are important to the tour and get to purchase a reduced price ticket.

SCH New Comers Party

New to the neighborhood?  You might want to check out the Society for Clinton Hill's annual New Comers Party! The Society for Clinton Hill



To its

Annual New Comers Party

Thursday, February 19, 2009

7:30 – 9:30 pm

315 Washington Avenue

Between DeKalb/Lafayette

New Comers are guests.  Old-timers bring a vegetarian dish. SCH will provide drinks.  Children are welcome and babysitters will be available.

Please invite your friends and neighbors and anyone new to the communtiy. We want to welcome any and all new neighbors.

Tonight: SCH Meeting

General Meeting Thursday, January 15, 2009, 7-9 pm

Saint Joseph's College, Saint Angela Hall, 267 Waverly Ave. (DeKalb/Willoughby)

AGENDA 7-7:30              Appetizers by KIF, located on DeKalb Ave.

Wine from Olivino, located on Clinton/Fulton

Presentation by the Hempstead Select Chorale from Hempstead High                             School under the directorship of Rachel Blackburn.  Introduction by Brett Truitt, SCH board member.

7:30                 Welcome and announcements -  Jim Barnes, President

7:40                 Update on Atlantic Yards - Daniel Goldstein from DDDB

Find out what is happening on the legal, construction, and PR fronts.

8:00                 Real Estate Tax – NYC Tax Commission

Myrna Hall, Director of Operations

Carlo Silvestri, Director of Appraisal and Hearings

R/E tax increases, appraisals, appeals, and other issues of interest to you.

8:30                 What's Up with Fulton Street?  The Fulton Street BID

Get an update on street construction, retail vacancies, marketing activities,  how the current tenants are doing, and what we can look forward to.

8:50                 Steffon Isacc, SCH VP - Comments from the Audience

If you want to make an announcement of up to 1 minute, sign up at the                           sign-in table when you arrive.  As many people as time allows can                                                 participate.

HOLD THE DATE:  SCH Annual New Comer's Party, Thursday, February 19, 7:30 pm.  315 Washington Avenue, near DeKalb.  New Comers are guests, everyone else please bring a tasty vegetarian dish.  (Remember last year?  We did vegetarian and had the most interesting and marvelous food.)  So, give the animals a break and our bodies a benefit!  SCH will provide the liquids, entertainment, and babysitters.

House Tour 2009: Sunday, May 3, noon to 5 pm.  Sign-up with Linda Scher and Brett Truitt to help.  There are many needs and lots of important things to do.

Next Meeting: Thursday, March 19th, Saint Angela Hall, 7-9 pm.


Check your mailing label for the date of your membership expiration. If there is no date, your membership needs to be renewed.  Remember, we are all volunteers, and sometimes we make mistakes. So, if you know you have paid, and we are not reflecting it, let us know and we will correct the error.

Also, we think we are still sending multiple mailings to the same addresses.  If you are still getting duplicate mailings to the same, different or incorrectly spelled names, let us know, and we will correct that as well.

Membership:  Individual: $20,  Family: $30,   business: $40,   Supporting Group: $30,  Angel: $You decide

Neighborhood Christmas Caroling, TOMORROW

Christmas Caroling in Clinton Hill Friday, December 19, 6:30 pm

Community Garden (DeKalb/Hall)

Join a 40-year tradition of song and celebration…bring family, friends and neighbors to share in the season, sing to the residents of our neighborhood, and share cookies and hot chocolate.  The route is not long, the spirit will be high, and the joy of song will go right into your heart.  Bring an instrument if you play.

Call Marge Othrow 718-789-1619 with questions or to volunteer with arrangements.


Come by and see what's new in the neighborhood! Society for Clinton Hill

General Meeting

Thursday, November 20, 2008, 7-9 pm

Saint Joseph's College, Saint Angela Hall, 267 Waverly Ave. (DeKalb/Willoughby)


7-7:30         *Food by Grand Dakar - Chef Pierre Thiam will be available with his  new book of recipes.  Signed copies available for sale.

*Re-live Halloween in Clinton Hill, slides and video

7:30            Welcome, Jim Barnes, President

7:40            Arts & Artists in Clinton Hill, local photographer, and Pratt professor,  Bill Kontsias will show and discuss his BAM-sponsored art exhibit "The Face of Tillie's," which features candid portraits of neighborhood residents.

Introduction: Ken Korman, SCH Board Member

8:00            Greening Clinton Hill, greening professionals There are so many interesting and economical things we can do to reduce our individual carbon footprint.  Come and learn from the experts.

Introduction: Sunny Argan, SCH Board Member

8:30            Committee Reports – Dave Haberer & Suzanne DeBrango

8:40            House Tour –  May 3, 2009 - Linda Scher & Brett Truit

8:50            Neighborhood Development

The contractor for 271-275 Washington Ave., the site next to St. Luke's Lutheran Church, will discuss his development plans.  Q&A to follow.  Introduction: Mary Cole

8:55                 Make Your Own Holiday Wreath – Brent Porter

9:00                 Adjourn

SCH Meeting, Sept 18

Note the new meeting location!  Come get involved and meet neighbors!

Society for Clinton Hill

General Meeting

Thursday, September 18, 2008, 7 – 9 pm

267 Waverly Avenue, Saint Angela Hall, Saint Joseph's College (DeKalb/Willoughby)

Please note, this is a new location. Our former meeting place, St. Luke's Evangelical Lutheran Church, is growing with new programs and members and needs the meeting space. We are grateful to them for lending us their meeting room over these past years and are very pleased that they are expanding in their service to others and need the space. Join us in our new meeting space.


7:00 Refreshments, Kif Restaurant, Dekalb Avenue

7:30 Welcome - Jim Barnes, President

7:35 House Tour 2009 – Linda Scher & Brett Truitt

7:50 Clinton Hill/Fort Greene Food Coop

7:40 Public Safety Task Force – Dave Haberer

8:00 Fort Greene Park Martyr's Monument  Centennial – Oct. 2008

Charles Jardin, President Fort Green Park Conservancy, President. Ruth Goldstein, Event Chairperson, Paul Palazzo, Cent. Committee member

A series of events will take place in Fort Green Park between November 14-16,  2008. The events and celebrations are sponsored by the Fort Greene Park Conservancy. (See below for more detail.)

8:30 Admiral's Row Update – Brent Porter

8:40 Society for Clinton Hill Children's Halloween WalkRoslyn Huebner

If you want to be one of the candy stops on the Walk, contact Roslyn.

8:45 Other announcements

9:00 Adjourn

Crime Map

Several months ago, Leticia James mentioned an interactive crime reporting map at an anti-crime rally. I finally figured out where it is -- the Society for Clinton Hill website! I've included it in the blogroll under "Important Contacts." It's currently on the SCH homepage, and can also be accessed at its permalink.

It looks pretty cool, and incidents can be categorized in different ways (violent crimes, theft, and even street/quality of life problems such as potholes). This map was set up for the purpose of accurate crime reporting and information sharing. Use it!

SCH Annual Meeting: Thursday, May 15

Society for Clinton Hill ANNUAL MEETING

Thursday, MAY 15, 2008, 7:00 P.M.

St. Luke's Church, Community Room, 259 Washington Ave. (DeKalb/Willoughby)


7:00 pm Appetizers by Autour du Monde, Fulton/Clinton. Wine by Olivino.

7:30 pm

1. Announcements – Jim Barnes, President

2. Annual Meeting Elections – Linda Scher, Nominating Committee Chair & Jim Barnes

See next page for detail on recommended By-Law change and slate for the 2008-2009 Board of Directors.

3. Garden Tour in 3-D – Roslyn Huebner, Patti Hagan

Greg Dinkins, founder and President of the Stereoscopic Society of NY, will take us through a remarkable life-like tour of last year's Brooklyn Brownstone Garden Tour. You will think you can pick the flowers. Patti Hagan will tell you about the 2008 garden tour. Tickets available: $15 advance, $20 day of tour.

4. Crime Committee update – Dave Haberer, Sunny Argan

5. Membership Development – Steffon Isaac, Brett Truitt

6. Clinton Hill Historic District Expansion – Sharon Barnes

The proposal for an expanded historic district was presented to CB2, Land Use Committee on April 16, 2008. The Committee voted to support the proposal to ask NYC Landmarks Commission (LPC) to review the proposal expeditiously. CB2 will hold a public hearing when LPC has calendared the proposal. The Fort Greene/Clinton Hill Courier reported on the front page of its 4-25-08 edition that LPC said they were reviewing the proposal. That is progress! We are enclosing another copy of the map of the proposed additions for you. It will be distributed to all those in the areas proposed for historic district designation.

Please note items for sale at meeting:

* Original or new Landmark reports - $15 each. (original report available from City for $58)

* Brooklyn Was Mine, book on Brooklyn by Brooklyn authors - $15 each. Great gift!

*Garden Tour tickets: $15 advance sale. Society for Clinton Hill (SCH) Annual Meeting

It is a very busy time in Clinton Hill with so many new residents, new commercial activity including restaurants, shops, the flea market and more, the pressures of over-development and the displacement, traffic problems, and pressure on infrastructure that result, and more and more wonderful activities and events happening.

SCH is a group of people dedicated to Clinton Hill and the attractive, inviting, and stimulating environment that exists here. We work to protect and improve for everyone what is here and we welcome and encourage everyone to participate.

Over time the work of the Society for Clinton Hill (SCH) changes, depending on the needs and interests of the members and community at any given time. SCH is currently working to increase the membership and to involve the members more extensively in the work and activities of SCH. A larger, more representative organization will have more impact in getting changes we all want.

We were successful last year in getting a zoning change that limits height and bulk in our Clinton Hill blocks, and we are now working to extend our historic district to protect more of our amazing historic buildings. We are working to save Admiral's Row so that it can have an adaptive reuse and include a grocery store, laundry and other amenities, but still retain the historic character. We host a huge Halloween Walk for children and parents to keep the holiday safe, exciting and fun. We are addressing issues of crime and illegal truck traffic. We hosted a Breast Cancer Awareness and Examination Van. We co-sponsor many events with other organizations and our elected officials. We hold one major fundraising event every other year, a huge house and garden tour, to fund our activities. We hope you will join us in working to make this great neighborhood even better.

At our annual meeting this year, the board will be recommending some minor changes to the By-Laws in order to make it easier for everyone to participate and vote. We will also present a slate of officers and members-at-large who will lead the organization. This slate was presented at the last meeting. Nominations can be made by any paid up member who has attended three prior meetings. Nominees must also be paid up members, and must have attended three prior meetings. Names should be sent to the Nominating Committee Chairperson, Linda Scher. Please contact her at if you are interested in a board position. Include a resume and a letter explaining your interests and personal information.

Jim Barnes, President

Atlantic Yards Rally: Saturday

From SCH: Recent conditions have caused Forest City Ratner to put an indefinite hold on the signature buildings (like "Miss Brooklyn" and the "Urban Room") and the public housing at Atlantic Yards.

People are asking ever more loudly, where are the benefits and why is he knocking down buildings when he is not planning to build for decades?

The Council of Brooklyn Neighborhoods (of which SCH is a member), Brooklyn Speaks, and Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn (of which SCH is a supporter), along with various elected officials are holding a rally to call on Governor Patterson to take a Time Out and put a hold on demolitions, unnecessary changes to infrastructure, huge public subsidies and the displacement of residents and businesses. There has to be a better way!

Join everyone at a Rally next weekend, May 3rd, Pacific Street between Carlton and Vanderbilt at 2 PM.

As you may know, Council members James, Yassky and DeBlasio have written requesting a hold on further public monies being spent and Council member DeBlasio has called for a moratorium on demolitions.

So, whatever you are doing on May 3rd, there's time to join the Rally. Make this one count. Our neighborhoods need you.

SCH Meeting: Thursday

Society for Clinton Hill


Thursday, March 27, 7-9 pm (Holiday schedule)

St. Luke's Church Community Room, Washington Ave. (between DeKalb/Willoughby)


7:00 Wine by Olivino (Fulton.) Appetizers by The Speak Easy (Waverly/Greene)

7:30 Announcements - Jim Barnes, President

*Thank you and tribute to retiring board member, Dr. Vashti Curlin-Burton.

*Film Showing, Brooklyn Matters, Tuesday, April 1, 7 pm, Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School, Q&A after including producer of film. Free. All invited!

7:40 May Meeting Board Elections – Linda Scher

7:45 Traffic Issues Update – Frances Rodriguez

We are looking for volunteers to help with traffic surveys.

8:00 Crime in the Neighborhood – Reverend Dave Haberer

The number of muggings, car break-ins and car thefts continues to rise. We want to hear your stories. Come and sign up to speak. Each person will have 2 minutes to talk and make suggestions. Please, everyone, report crimes to the police. We will not get needed attention if the statistics don't reflect what is happening.

8:20 3-D Garden Walk – (This had to be postponed to a later meeting due to a schedule conflict for the producer.)

8:45 Brooklyn Was Mine – Nadia Merzliakov

Acclaimed author Susan Choi, who is a contributor to the new book of essays about Brooklyn, will read from her essay and sign books which will be available for $15 each. All profits from the sale of the book go to Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn Legal Fund. Susan has another new book out right now, A Person of Interest, which has received glowing reviews in many newspapers and magazines.

Please note: our next General Meeting will be Thursday, May 19, 7-9 pm. We will be holding annual elections for board members at that meeting. If you are interested in participating more actively in SCH through board membership, please send a letter and resume to Nominating Committee Chair, Linda Scher,

*FGA May House Tour. Participate in one of our area's most exciting events – the May Fort Greene House Tour. House Sitters and other volunteers get to purchase a ticket at half price and receive an invitation to the private and fabulous party after the tour. Contact Fred Lasker at to let him know you want to volunteer. Tell him whether you want the noon to 2:30 shift or the 2:30 to 5 pm shift.

*Purchase landmark reports ($15 each) or Brooklyn Was Mine, $15. Also, renew your membership or join at the meeting.

Society for Clinton Hill New Comers' Party

I don't think I can attend this year, which is a shame -- last year's party was a lovely evening! I didn't know about this event when I was a "newcomer," so if you've just moved to the area (or even if you've been here for years and have never heard about the event), do try to attend! The Society for Clinton Hill Welcomes Our New Residents to Our Neighborhood Pot Luck Party

Friday, February 15, 2008 8:00 pm

At the home of Frances Rodriguez and Jeffrey Stern

315 Washington Avenue (between DeKalb/Lafayette)

You are invited!

All neighborhood residents are welcome. Please invite those neighbors or friends who are new to the area. We want to meet them and welcome them to Clinton Hill. Children are also welcome.

* "Old Timers" are asked to bring a vegetarian dish, new residents are guests.

* SCH will provide drinks and babysitters for children.

RSVP by 2/13/08 to Roslyn at 718-499-8382 ext. 11

SCH Meeting Recap

I'm sad to say that I arrived at the meeting late and missed the presentation on the potential food co-op (more info on this on the official site, and on Brownstoner [check out the entertaining comment thread]).  Personally, I've never been to the Park Slope Food Co-op.  To me, it has always sounded a little too cultish and crunchy for my taste.  Then again, I hear there are amazing deals to be had. I think if we did this up FG/CH style, it could be awesome.  Now, will someone with a membership please bring me into the PS co-op so I can see for myself what it's really like?  Thanks. Speaking of groceries, next on the agenda was Admiral's Row in the Navy Yard.  I'm no expert on this, but what I gleaned is that the crumbling Admiral's Row houses are slated to be demolished and replaced by a giant grocery store, with a parking lot for 300 cars (!!!!!).  Various presenters suggested that the parking lot be reduced to accommodate approximately 80 cars (akin to the Key Foods lot in Park Slope), and retain the old homes at the same time.  Since the supermarket is being touted as being for the benefit of public housing residents (who would WALK there), why are so many parking spaces needed?  The renovated structures could be used for anything ranging from a bakery and fish market, specialty food stores (all of which could employ local teenagers), to condos or for use as the Navy Yard museum (which is being planned currently as a new building).

Someone at the meeting suggested the city (or whoever is ultimately in charge) consider bringing a Trader Joe's to the Navy Yard space, pointing out that it offers reasonable, high-quality food, produce and meat that the entire neighborhood desires.  I am ALL FOR THIS plan.  The city is home to far too many shitty Pathmark stores that smell like the 1970s.  Of cours, Trader Joe's means LOTS of shoppers.  Perhaps extra bus service could be extended to the area?

Another general suggestion regarding the Navy Yard was guided tours, or ferry tours from Manhattan.  This is an interesting idea.  The Navy Yard is vast, fascinating, mysterious and full of history.  It annoys me that no one can get in just to look around.  I think, ideally, the yard should be open to the public, contain public space and offer interesting retail.  Creative reuse, people!

Moving on...

Atlantic Yards was mentioned briefly.  The bridge on Carlton Ave is slated to be closed soon for construction of the Ratner Nightmare.  This means that firetrucks will be rerouted to drive AGAINST TRAFFIC ON TWO STREETS SOUTH OF ATLANTIC.  Giant trucks hurdling the wrong way down one-way streets?!  This is a solution?!  Maybe in the 'burbs, but jeez!  No one even pulls over for siren vehicles here!

Finally, there was talk of forming various committees to interface with local police about neighborhood issues, including crime and trucks illegally driving on several streets (Washing Ave. specifically).  The idea is that if we can present evidence that police action needs to be taken (for example, photographing and counting illegal trucks), the precinct will not be able to claim there isn't a problem.  Also, residents were reminded to REPORT any and all crime.  I know the cops sometimes make this difficult.  One of the SCH board members explained that his car was recently broken into, and the cops wouldn't come out until the next day to look at it.  By the time they arrived, he had moved the car due to street cleaning.  They told him that once he moved it, they couldn't do anything about it.  Classic.

(And speaking of cops, I've noticed several cop cars casually breaking traffic laws -- running red lights and driving the wrong way on one-way streets.  There were no sirens or high-speed chases.  They were doing it because they couldn't be bothered to abide by regular citizens' rules.  I'm sure this is not unique to our neighborhood, but it really pisses me off.)

The meeting moved along more smoothly than usual, although a few speakers were kind of rude when prompted that they had gone over their time.  One man actually mouthed off to the SCH officer who told him they were out of time.  I find this extremely disrespectful.  I know everyone has a lot to say, but the meetings are meant to be an overview of what's going on in the area.  I think each issue presented should offer an email signup list, and those who are interested in discussing said issue in depth should sign up and attend a separate meeting or participate on a message board.  My advice?  Please tell us about your news, but don't be a dick about it.  Be courteous of other speakers' and attendees' time!!!! Thanks!

(Special thanks to Thirst and Tamboril for the wine and appetizers!)

SCH Meeting: This Thursday!

General MeetingThursday, January 17, 2008, 7-9:00 pm St. Luke’s Church, 259 Washington Ave. (DeKalb/Willoughby)


7:00 pm    Refreshments (appetizers by Tamboril on Myrtle & wine by Thirst on DeKalb)

7:30 – 8     *Clinton Hill/Fort Greene Food Coop – what would it take to happen??

*Admiral’s Row – We can have both a grocery store and commercial re-use of the Admiral’s Row Houses - Howard Pitsch & Brent Porter

*Brooklyn Was Mine – a new book on Brooklyn by Brooklyn authors. -Copies available for $15.00 cash.  Buy it for yourself & your friends!

*Fort Greene Park Conservancy Dedicate a Bench Program – Jim Barnes

8 – 9 pm    Discussion on Neighborhood Traffic & Crime – Dave Haberer

There has been an increase in robberies, muggings and car break-ins in recent months.  And, as you know, the traffic situation is becoming intense. There will be an informal discussion including various people from our neighborhood on what is happening, what should be done, and how we can get better cooperation from the police.



Society for Clinton Hill Annual New Comer’s Party Friday, February 15, 2008, 8 pm 315 Washington Avenue (near DeKalb) Everyone is invited and welcome - old timers and especially people new to the neighborhood, so please invite neighbors and others who have recently moved in.  There will be a babysitter for children. Please RSVP to Roslyn at 718-499-8382 x 11

SCH Meeting: Thursday

Society for Clinton HillGENERAL MEETING Thursday, Nov. 15, 2007, 7-9 pm St. Luke's Church Parish House, 259 Washington Ave. (DeKalb/Willoughby)

7:00    Reception:  Come meet and greet your neighbors. Wine by Gnarley Vines, 350 Myrtle Ave., Carlton/Adelphi Appetizers by Choice, Lafayette/Grand

7:30    A Conversation about Traffic Issues in Clinton Hill

*Congestion Pricing (CP) – how will it affect us?

*Residential Permit Parking (RPP) – what, why & when?

*Street cleaning and alternate side parking –can it be reduced?

*Illegal truck traffic – what can be done?

Speakers include: Jane McGroarty, community activist and transportation expert. John Dew, CB2 member and chair of the Transportation Committee. Linda Scher, SCH Board Member, and Washington Ave. resident. Frances Rodriguez, Clinton Hill resident living on Washington Ave.

Please note:

1. Membership: Renew your membership at the meeting. Bring your check book.

2. Landmark Reports: Purchase the new report on the Proposed Additions to the Clinton Hill Historic District and the original Landmarks Report.  $15 each. These are important reference works that everyone ought to have.