SCH Meeting: Tonight

Society for Clinton Hill General Meeting

Thursday, September 17, 2009, 7-9:15 pm

Saint Angela Hall, St.Joseph’s College, 267 Waverly Avenue, (DeKalb/Willoughby)


7:00 pm                 Refreshments from KIF, the Middle Eastern restaurant located on DeKalb.

7:30                        Welcome & announcements: Dave Haberer, President, SCH

SCH is very busy. Find out what’s going on and how to get involved.

7:40                        Comments on film & theater: George Bartenieff, acclaimed actor & CH neighbor,                                  currently appearing in the film Julie and Julie, and also starring in The Bacchae,                                  currently at the    Delacorte Theater in Central Park.   Introduction by Brent Porter.

7:55                        A Conversation on Roses: Anne O’Neill, from the BBG, who has voluntarily                                   worked on the Pratt Rose Garden, and John Rattigan from Root Stock & Quade.

8:15                        New Business Introductions:

-Fulton Street Veterinarian

-Green in Brooklyn, Myrtle Ave., Elissa Olin,  “10 Ways to Go Green in Brooklyn”

8:25                        Development on Lefferts Place: John Katsos, update on proposed CNR building.

8:40                        Proposed Food Coop:  update from Lawrence Eichorn

8:45                        Myrtle Avenue Revitalization Project – 10th Anniversary Celebration:  Blaise                             Backer,  Exec. Dir. & Meredith Phillips Almeida, Dir., Community Development,  will tell you about the activities taking place on every Sunday in September on Myrtle Avenue and the coming new Myrtle Avenue Pedestrian Plaza.

9:00                        MillionTreesNYC: Ashley Willhite . trees for  Brooklyn.

9:10                        Open Mic – sign up at the door to make your one-minute announcement.

SCH will sponsor one block of the “Move About Myrtle,” on Sept. 20.  We will have a booth with  MillionTreesNYC and will be giving away free trees and also the NO FLYER signs.  Please stop by!

Halloween is coming up and promises to be bigger and better than ever.  There will be many homes offering trick or treats, decorations and entertainment.  Of course there will be the usual Spectacular at 313 Clinton Avenue.  T-Shirts and tote bags for Halloween will be available for sale at the meeting.  $15 and $20.

We have a gift for you…. free “NO FLYER” signs will be available at the meeting.  These really work and do reduce litter!  Be a good neighbor and take a sign for them as well.

CALL for VOLUNTEERS:  If you can help on Sunday at the MARP event, please sign-up at the meeting. We need help between 11 am and 5 pm.

NEXT MEETING:    Thursday, November 19, 2009, 7 pm, Saint Angela Hall