Call for Local Artists

With the overwhelmingly positive response to the four Tree Hugger Project sculptures that took up residence on the avenue for the past 11 months (and who have now moved on to Pratt’s Sculpture Garden in case you want to pay them a visit), we are anxious to bring more creative energy to the streets of Fort Greene and Clinton Hill. The RFP for Temporary Public Sculpture (PDF document) seeks existing and/or proposed artworks for temporary installation (up to 11 months) at various outdoor locations along Myrtle Avenue. A full list of sites is below, while a map of the avenue and each site’s location is within the RFP document. The submission deadline is October 1, 2009, at 5 PM.

Artists or teams of artists alike are invited to apply to have pieces installed at any or all of the proposed locations. All interested artists are STRONGLY encouraged to visit Myrtle Avenue to view all the sites in person before applying. Each site has its own character and context therefore a visit is important to truly understand and communicate the impact an artwork will have on the space.

The proposed public sculpture sites are located at: 1. Ingersoll Houses: Myrtle near Prince (adjacent to the Community Center) 2. Ingersoll Houses: Myrtle and Navy Street (west side of Navy) 3. Ingersoll Houses: Myrtle and Navy Street (east side of Navy) 4. Ingersoll Houses: Myrtle and St. Edwards 5. Whitman Houses: Myrtle near North Portland 6. Whitman Houses: Myrtle between North Portland and Carlton 7. Whitman Houses: Myrtle near Washington Park (adjacent to commercial building) 8. Northwest corner of Fort Greene Park at the intersection of Myrtle and St. Edwards 9. Northeast corner of Fort Greene Park at the intersection of Myrtle and Washington Park 10. Green Streets Triangle at the intersection of Carlton and Myrtle 11. Wide sidewalks at Clinton and Myrtle 12. Wide sidewalks at Hall and Myrtle

The basic qualities we are looking for in proposed artwork are ARTISTIC MERIT, SITE SUITABILITY, DESIGN AESTHETIC, DURABILITY, and LOCAL. Basically, we’re looking for work showing creative and technical talent that fit the proposed site while maintaining a strong visual impact. The artwork will be installed outside so it must be able to endure any and all weather, whether it be surprise 80 degree weather in April, snow storms in January or thunderstorms in March! And lastly, preference will be given to local Brooklyn-based artists.

For more information contact Meredith Phillips Almeida at (718) 230-2689 or