House Tour Recap

It was certainly not the best weather for the Society for Clinton Hill House Tour today, but I do applaud SCH's variety of houses on the tour.  Two years ago (the tour is biennial), I felt we saw too many institutional spaces and not enough personal homes.  This year, almost every stop was a private residence! Some of the highlights:

298 Washington Ave, a single-family brownstone with a gorgeous kitchen and a screening room in the basement!  The owners' daughters, who did much of the interior decorating, were on hand to answer questions. Also in this house, the world's coolest bathroom lined with mirrors!

amazing kitchen

coolest bathroom

433 Waverly Ave, decorated with "Bali" and "sustainability" themes. The decor was gorgeous! This year's House Tour program was also great, and included this cool bit on this house: According to feng shui, experts with whom [the owner] consulted, the spaces possessed an exceptional positive energy from all the equine inhabitants who had abided there in its previous incarnation as a stable.


447 Clinton Ave - the Haunted Church revealed! There's some really cool details inside, and the units will be available for rental this summer (if all goes according to plan). We took guesses on how much the apartments will go for. $3k/month, maybe? And that always confuses me - if you can pay that much to rent, why not buy? Anyone want to weigh in? giant apartment entry door

Biggest Disappointment: The deletion of 86 Cambridge Place from the tour. When we arrived, a handwritten sign declared: THIS HOUSE IS NOT ON THE TOUR. DO NOT RING DOORBELL. Too bad - I would have loved to see the inside.

86 cambridge, not on the tour

What were your favorites?

The rest of my photos here.