Tonight: SCH Meeting

General Meeting Thursday, January 15, 2009, 7-9 pm

Saint Joseph's College, Saint Angela Hall, 267 Waverly Ave. (DeKalb/Willoughby)

AGENDA 7-7:30              Appetizers by KIF, located on DeKalb Ave.

Wine from Olivino, located on Clinton/Fulton

Presentation by the Hempstead Select Chorale from Hempstead High                             School under the directorship of Rachel Blackburn.  Introduction by Brett Truitt, SCH board member.

7:30                 Welcome and announcements -  Jim Barnes, President

7:40                 Update on Atlantic Yards - Daniel Goldstein from DDDB

Find out what is happening on the legal, construction, and PR fronts.

8:00                 Real Estate Tax – NYC Tax Commission

Myrna Hall, Director of Operations

Carlo Silvestri, Director of Appraisal and Hearings

R/E tax increases, appraisals, appeals, and other issues of interest to you.

8:30                 What's Up with Fulton Street?  The Fulton Street BID

Get an update on street construction, retail vacancies, marketing activities,  how the current tenants are doing, and what we can look forward to.

8:50                 Steffon Isacc, SCH VP - Comments from the Audience

If you want to make an announcement of up to 1 minute, sign up at the                           sign-in table when you arrive.  As many people as time allows can                                                 participate.

HOLD THE DATE:  SCH Annual New Comer's Party, Thursday, February 19, 7:30 pm.  315 Washington Avenue, near DeKalb.  New Comers are guests, everyone else please bring a tasty vegetarian dish.  (Remember last year?  We did vegetarian and had the most interesting and marvelous food.)  So, give the animals a break and our bodies a benefit!  SCH will provide the liquids, entertainment, and babysitters.

House Tour 2009: Sunday, May 3, noon to 5 pm.  Sign-up with Linda Scher and Brett Truitt to help.  There are many needs and lots of important things to do.

Next Meeting: Thursday, March 19th, Saint Angela Hall, 7-9 pm.


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