Neighborhood Dog Run

A CHB reader has stepped up to the plate to help make a dog run in the neighborhood a reality.  Here is the info he provided:

Clinton Hill and Ft. Greene needs a dog run. The off leash hours in Ft. Greene park are great, but insufficient for many of us. Besides the hours being inconvenient for many, not all dogs can be trusted off leash in an unconfined space. My dog in particular is still a puppy, and can't be trusted not to chase a squirrel across the street. I in no way wish to undermine the off leash hours at Ft. Greene Park. I just think a dog run in the neighborhood would be a wonderful addition.
I'd like to hear from anyone who is interested in having a dog run in the Clinton Hill/Ft. Greene area. Whether you're ready to volunteer services or just supportive of having a dog run nearby, please feel free to email me with your ideas. I would also appreciate input on how to go about organizing volunteers and actually approaching the community board / parks department with a proposal.

I know someone else tried to organize a similar effort a couple of months back. I've tried contacting the previous organizer several times, but to no avail. I don't want to step on anyone's toes, but I do want to make this happen.  I will do my best to see this through, and will keep everyone informed as to what's going on.

Please email me at:

I've also started a google group here:

and a website here:

I'm looking forward to hearing from everyone.