New Bar on Franklin!

Received this tip from a reader: have you been to sweet revenge yet? i walk by it with my dog on the daily, but have yet to have some free time and stop in. it's on franklin between lexington and greene (right across from the cupcake shop) and seems pretty cute.

I hadn't heard a thing about this place yet, so I took a stroll by on Saturday afternoon.  I couldn't find it, but there were a few shuttered storefronts, one of which was likely hiding this new watering hole.

Has anyone been? The only thing I could find via a Google search was someone complaining on Brooklynian about how noisy it was at night.

UPDATE: I rode past it on the bus Tuesday night on my way to the Y and it looked super cool!  I'll go this wknd and report back.

UPDATE 2: Check out the gorgeous photos of the bar from Bed-Stuy photog WordBK here!