Choice Atlantic Now Open!

Received the following report from a neighbor who lives near Atlantic: It was open [Sunday], albeit not at full capacity yet.  Inside the hours say 6am - 9pm, but outside it said something else, I think it was 8am - 7pm.  There was only one worker inside, who was transferred over from the Lafayette store for the day, so he didn't really know when they would be expanding to full hours.  Right now they have just pastries, coffee and bottled juices, but they'll be expanding to have burgers, breakfast sandwiches and omelettes, and prepackaged sandwiches. Oh, and the best part, no line!  There's no room for sitting down, but since its just a few blocks down Atlantic, I see it being a regular place to pick up some croissants for breakfast back at our place.

Another neighbor who stopped in reports:

It would be a great place to stop for someone on their way to the Franklin stop (from Crown Heights) or to pick up some bread or dessert if you are on this side of the neighborhood. It's a welcome addition to our family of great places for small bites (Outpost, Brown Betty & Michael Allen's). I think my neighbors and I might see if they can put a bench out front for quick bites with the dog (not that sitting out on Atlantic is very pleasant).

Here's a short blurb from the Times on the new Choice locale.

Choice Atlantic 999 Atlantic Ave (at Grand) (718) 636-8996