CHB Reviews: Umi Nom

On Friday, Will and I hit up the new Umi Nom on DeKalb just past Classon. from the street

I like that they've retained the old laundry sign and added their logo.

Will asked beforehand if I had made reservations, and I said, "Reservations in the neighborhood?  Nawww."  Heh.  Umi Nom does indeed take reservations and when we arrived, there was already a 15-20 minute wait for a table inside the narrow restaurant space.  Not a big deal, but not something I'm used to facing locally!

inside umi nom

Umi Nom doesn't have a liquor license for now, so it's BYOB.  (Also, like many new restaurants, it's also cash only.  I've become accustomed to this, but it's still annoying.)

Will ran out to buy some wine, and we chilled out at the small bar in front waiting for our table.

We ended up being seated at the front window.

The menu is small plates, varied in price.  The waiter (who, by the way, was by far the friendliest waiter I have ever encountered in the neighborhood) recommended two plates per person, which range from around $5 to $13 (with one whole fish dish topping out at $21).  We decided on the spring rolls, the jalapeno lollipop wings, pad see ew, and the asian greens.

As a starter, the waiter brought us two complimentary fried crab won tons, which were delicious!

fried wontons

spring roll and lollipop wings

The spring rolls were giant, and came with a sweet / spicy sauce (spicier than the usual orange thai sauce).  The veggies were delicious, slathered in garlic and salt and some other seasonings we couldn't place.  The wings, though, were a bit bland.  They were covered in jalapeno slices and a deep fried coating, but didn't come with any sauce.  We ended up dipping them in the spring roll sauce.

For dessert, we went with the chocolate chili cake.  It was a little twist on the ubiquitous molten chocolate cake, with a little bit of chili spice and a fruity topping.

chili chocolate cake

Before tip, the meal totaled about $48.

Pros: Excellent service, nice variety on menu, BYO (for now) Cons: On the expensive side, cash only (for now)

Umi Nom is located across from the projects and adjacent to fast food takeout with bulletproof glass.  Yet the place was packed.  We definitely felt like we were in the midst of an intriguing sociological crossroads.  (Sputnik and Rustik are both close by.)

Umi Nom 433 DeKalb Ave at Classon 718-789-8806