Gross Met Meat

Awhile back on CHB, we received several complaints about the state of fresh produce at the Met on Fulton Street (see here).  All's been quiet in the last 1.5 years until last week when I received a horror story about a meat purchase: After what happened at the Met on Fulton last weekend I felt obligated to send you a message as a warning to your other readers.  We all know how about the rotten produce and terrible service but they reached a new low last weekend.  I went to buy some chicken and as usual I bought the Murray's organic chicken.  It was 3 days before the use by date but when I brought it home it was completely spoiled.  It clearly had not been properly refrigerated.  There were also about 5 stickers on the back of the package which makes me think they knew it was spoiled and lowered the price accordingly, or perhaps they altered the sell by date and put it out there regardless.  Nothing would surprise me at that place.  The scariest part was when I brought it back nobody at the store was the slightest bit surprised.  Apparently it had happened before and they had done nothing about it.  They gave my money back but that's not really the point.  Bad produce is one thing but spoiled chicken is unsafe and unacceptable.

Anyone else have meat problems at the Met?  If many of you have, probably cause for alarm.  How prevalent is spoiled meat in the supermarket industry?