The Latest Assaults

The Local has info on a particular brutal assult that happened on Grand Ave last week.  From what they reported, it sounds like a Pratt student may have been beaten severely and had his cell phone stolen.  We live in one of the world's largest cities, and I know that crome and muggings happen.  But it's the sheer brutality about incidents like this that turns the stomach, especially if it was a completely random crime. A photo emailed to the Local and uploaded to the post shows that someone taped a sign to the sidewalk saying, "This is NOT alright.  --The Neighborhood." And I agree.  The Local has also posted surveillance video of the suspects, trying to use the victim's ATM card.  Do you know those men?  If so, call the cops.

This afternoon, a neighbor spotted a bloodied young man on Washington, near the library.  He had just been beaten up, and some passers by had just called the cops for him.  No other info on that yet.

Be villigant, and watch out for your neighbors.  If you see an assult taking place, call the cops immediately.