Wegmans Clarifications

Just a few bullet points on my earlier post about Wegmans to clarify my opinions:

  • I SUPPORT the preservation of Admiral's Row
  • The new locally-owned stores opening look amazing, and many of us will shop there (OMGfishandbreadatProvisions!)
  • These same stores are not nearby the public housing residents and many of them are selling specialty, more expensive items (instead of things like paper towels and basic cereal)
  • The point of the supermarket in the Navy Yard is to serve these populations, as they do not have a store nearby for basic necessities
  • The politicos are pretty much set on providing a comprehensive supermarket in the Navy Yard for these populations
  • If our neighborhood will HAVE to be home to a new supermarket, why not work with local officials to bring a GOOD store in, that serves ALL populations of the neighborhood, offers reasonable prices, is a company dedicated to the neighborhoods they operate out of and that provides quality job opps for locals?
  • High-end grocers are not serving the public housing populations (which is fine, but point being those residents have needs that need to be met)

To all those who emailed me about Wegmans, I will send out an email this weekend!