"The Bakery" is Open!

The bakery at 154 Vanderbilt (between Willoughby and Myrtle) is now open! The name's not yet official, since a bakery called "Crumbs" is protesting to the establishment's use of the name "Krumbs." (This explains the temporary spray paint job over the old "Frosted Moon" sign.) chb-4.jpg

Owner Adrienne Braxton has been a Clinton Hill resident for years. She's become famous for her peach cobbler, often sold on the street, but always longed for her own storefront.

I picked up some mini carrot cakes ($2.50 each) for a dinner party, and they were a huge hit. Braxton's goods are mostly of the dessert variety (ie. no fresh bread), but if you need a fox box of fresh, buttery goodness, this is your place.


Looks nice inside, and I'm looking forward to see how the place develops!

owner adrienne braxton