Choice Opens Third Location on Atlantic!

Received two emails from readers regarding an intriguing building on Atlantic Ave.  This is one of them- On my way to JFK yesterday, driving up Atlantic Avenue, I saw a red building called Choice Atlantic, which seemed to be a coffee shop/bakery. Is this the same people as Choice and Choice Green? It was somewhere around the Bedford or Nostrand intersections.

Could it be?  I checked it out yesterday afternoon.  Sure enough, there's a large, red building on the north side of Atlantic just west of Classon.  I came up on artist Aimee Leigh German painting the signage on the outside of the building.

new choice!

It IS a new Choice location, and is slated to open in a few weeks. Aimee told me the Atlantic location will be more focused on catering and baking (and some of the current cooking will move from the Grand location here, which is great, because does that mean there will be more seating at Grand??), but will still have a walk-in eatery.

choice atlantic

Wow. What will Atlantic Ave look like in one year?  In five?